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Kinderdale Franchise & Membership

Kinderdale boasts of eighteen years legacy in the field of early childhood education and has five preschools as its members. The irrefutable success of our journey makes us confident in furthering our quest and we are now offering our Preschool franchisee options across India We are now ready to welcome entrepreneurs who are desirous of opening new preschools or transforming the existing ones as franchisees  / members  of the Kinderdale Brand  which would enable them  to  offer the best of quality based care in early childhood education. The well-researched preschool program by Kinderdale is the best in content and value, making it the most sought after brand in the country.

Kinderdale Franchise

Advantages of Kinderdale Preschool Franchise & Membership

  • More than 2 decades of proven success
  • Owned and managed by a team of highly qualified and skilled people in the preschool industry
  • Based on well researched methods of fun learning techniques
  • Reasonable Franchise & membership fee – No Royalty
  • Committed to extensive management focus on running preschools
  • Sense of ownership as each branch has its own individual name identity in the case of Membership schools –  The curriculum Support  is offered by us
  • Goodwill among the parents
  • Widespread brand consciousness
  • An innovative research team that is continuously upgrading the curriculum to the contemporary status

Setting Up a Branch

The aspiring franchisee/ member of the kinderdalegroup  can either open a new preschool or convert an existing one into our model.

There are a lot of advantages of becoming a part of Kinderdale group – The following are the most valid factors

  • Maintenance of stipulated quality checks
  • The franchisees/ members are given detailed training  in all the operational areas  of the running of the institutions
  • They are offered training regarding the recruitment of staff and teachers
  • Training and exhaustive discussions are held on the curriculum and its implementation
  • Right inputs are offered regarding the marketing techniques

The teachers and other relevant staff are given rigorous training in the sensitive handling of the children and curriculum.

Setting Up a Branch


To start a Kinderdale preschool franchisee in India the initial investments would include the following:

Accessories for enhancing the infrastructure of the premises
Investment capacity is dependent on the location
Furniture, fixtures and other infrastructural material
Educational and related equipment
Franchisee Fee
Space: – An area of not less than 2400 square feet carpet area (owned or leased) in a people friendly locality. The mandatory factors include a well ventilated building and a large open space.
Branch Set Up Fee

Our Support

  • Social Media promotion and marketing support through EduAxis website and EduAxis educational magazine.
  • Aid in designing the Prospectus. Leaflets, Pamphlets, Posters, Invites and other marketing paraphernalia
  • Aid in indoor and outdoor event planning (annual functions, sports day etc.)
  • Co-branding for membership schools.
  • Access to centralized curriculum followed by all Kinderdale Franchisee schools.
  • Intricate and detailed academic calendar and monthly plan.
  • Support for purchasing educational material, books and teaching aids.
  • Support for accessing activity sheet/ track sheet, observation record, projects and scrap book, assessment (4 terms) and final progress report
  • Setting up of Parent Portal, School website and facebook page
  • Setting up of Enquiry Management
  • Setting up of Students Management
  • Centralized supply system catering to the requirements of the school and the children.
  • Sourcing of materials will include the following:books, notebooks, diary, student identity card, parents identity card, labels for child’s file, snack bag, school bag, cap, stationeries: eraser, pencils, crayon, craft material, file, name labels, uniform kit.
  • Prior to the beginning of the academic year, training for teaching Staff according to the Kinderdale curriculum and teaching methodology.
  • Kinderdalegroup will conduct all the trainings based on a fixed venue, date and time in mutual understanding with the Franchisee owner.
  • It is essential that teachers attend the training on how to implement theKinderdale curriculum.
  • Periodic Training & Workshops will be offered to upgrade the skills and knowledge.
  • Dedicated team to address all queries.
  • Continual guidance and support from corporate office.
  • Frequent tele-conferencing.