Every culture needs to invest in children in recognition that today’s adults are a product of their childhoods

EDUAXIS Educational services PVT Ltd is an educational endeavour which deals with diverse domains under early childhood education, making a visible impact in the field.

We have been granted accreditation by IAO, an international quality assurance agency which assures competitive standards of the organizations under its flagship.

Global Preschool Curriculum

A relevant and meaningful early education has to consider the physical and emotional health of the child, the socio economic atmosphere of the family and the educational capabilities of the parents in order to deliver the right kind of education. The immense research done in this field reinforces the importance of family and preschools in the life of the child. An ideal situation of one complementing the other would essentially promote holistic growth in the child. Research tells us that a sound early education program can impact the social skills and other intellectual growth parameters in children, helping them in development.

Teachers' Training Academy

A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in the pupils

EduAxis  Teachers Training Academy was established with a vision to facilitate high quality education to our trainee teachers. It fosters research to achieve world class stature, takes up new challenges in education by adopting technologies viable for teaching and to bring out the best teachers for the future.

Diploma in Pre-primary Education

Advanced Diploma in Montessori and Child Education

Spoken English courses

Eduaxis Networking Group

At Eduaxis, we have created a consortium of prominent educationists, counsellors, lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists and intellectuals from different walks of life to guide and counsel in the day to day running of the institutions in our group.  This group finds solutions for the various problems that may plague the school and its members / franchisees. The latest governing rules, its implications and feasibility, the security issues and lapses in schools and need for a uniform curriculum etc would also be the topics for discussion here. Apart from the members of the Eduaxis group, other institutions can also seek the help of the consortium, to solve any issue for a nominal fee.

Eduaxis Magazine

The changing face of education and its relative concepts need to be communicated to the educational world and the parent community. Our research tells us that there exists a huge chasm between the school authorities (especially Preschools) and the contemporary rules of governance. There is a visible ignorance and ambiguity about various factors in this field. In order to address this gaping haziness, Eduaxis is planning to launch a biannual magazine wherein all the latest developments in the field of education will be discussed.

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Teachers’ training.

Partner with Us

Kinderdale boasts of eighteen years legacy in the field of early childhood education and has five preschools as its members. The irrefutable   success of our journey makes us confident in furthering our quest and we are now offering our Preschool franchisee options across India We are now ready to welcome entrepreneurs, who are desirous of opening new preschools or transforming the existing ones as franchisees  / members  of the Kinderdale Brand  which would enable them  to  offer the best of quality based care in early childhood education. The well-researched preschool program by Kinderdale is the best in content and value, making it the most sought after brand in the country.