About Us


Eduaxis wishes   to ensure a happy and free world for all children.  We seek an enchanting, crime-free world for the children, enabling them to weave a magical life for the future. It is only through our children that we can aspire for a better world.


At Eduaxis we strive continuously to enrich the scene of Early Age Education through ongoing research and development of the curriculum. We aim to create a niche in the world of Pre-school education to impact the children in the most positive of ways

Our Team

A wonderful team of trainers, teachers, administrators, and other staff apart from our strong research team contribute to our core strength. They support us in all facets of our functions making us a prominent player in the field of early childhood education.

Advisory Board

A noteworthy group consisting of academicians, intellectuals, locally prominent people, legal advisors, counsellors and doctors form our advisory board navigating us towards a meaningful future in the field of   comprehensive Preschool education

Pre-School Association of India

The Preschool Association of India is necessarily an association of preschools under Eduaxis as well as other enthusiastic members of the preschool fraternity. This association is a non- profit organization working under the banner of Eduaxis. It takes note of all the problems of its member- schools and seeks remedial measures through a designated body. The association helps in amicably settling the myriad problems faced by the preschools regarding administrative, general or legal matters.

Eduaxis Networking Group

At Eduaxis, we have created a consortium of prominent educationists, counsellors, lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists and intellectuals from different walks of life to guide and counsel in the day to day running of the institutions in our group.  This group finds solutions for the various problems that may plague the school and its members / franchisees. The latest governing rules, its implications and feasibility, the security issues and lapses in schools and need for a uniform curriculum etc would also be the topics for discussion here. Apart from the members of the Eduaxis group, other institutions can also seek the help of the consortium, to solve any issue for a nominal fee. The group also helps in scrutinizing and interpreting the Govt policies and can help in making a united stand on any issue that can impact their area of function.

The problems faced by Schools (Preschools in particular) are innumerable. The schools are deeply impacted by the parental intervention that disrupts the academic schedule of the child.  Eduaxis is very keen to address the key issues that influence children’s life and is making a conscious effort to find effective solutions. We at Eduaxis feel that each and every child is entitled to a happy and stress –free childhood.  Hence we have formed the above networking group with intent to make schools a happy place for children.

Eduaxis conducts periodic workshops for parents to understand, analyze and solve issues if any, to promote child welfare. Topics like incubation of crime and its escalations in children with reference to family dynamics, emotional security, regularity & routine etc would be discussed in these forums to ascertain positive outcomes.