Global PreSchool Curriculum

Global Preschool Curriculum

A relevant and meaningful early education has to consider the physical and emotional health of the child, the socio economic atmosphere of the family, and the educational capabilities of the parents in order to deliver the right kind of education. The immense research done in this field reinforces the importance of family and preschools in the life of the child. An ideal situation of one complementing the other, would essentially promote holistic growth in the child. Research tells us that a sound early education program can impact the social skills and other intellectual growth parameters in children, helping them in development.  A comprehensive and fully functional educator programme which would help both the children and the facilitators has been developed by our team to connect the teacher, child and parent in a meaningful dimension, making the learning a fascinating experience for the child.



Eduaxis has developed a fully integrated curriculum for early age education with an in- depth perspective on the various mandatory features and principles of learning. A creative curriculum  should  ideally  balance the “teacher – child” bond with reference to  learning , emphasizing responsiveness  of the children relating to   their strengths , weaknesses , interests , needs and learning styles . Keeping this in mind, our curriculum is content- rich, developmentally appropriate and promotes active learning.

We recognize play as a legitimate right of childhood, representing a crucial aspect of children’s physical, intellectual and social development and believe that   every meaningful curriculum should integrate play into its ambit. Most researchers opine that, including play in early childhood curriculum is a necessary condition for ensuring optimal growth and development of young children. This fact has been reinforced by decades of child development research and is reflected in the most recent studies too. Hence our curriculum is necessarily based on fun learning methods and accessories

Our curriculum has also incorporated the critical areas of learning such as Literacy & Numeracy apart from Art and Music, Physical Health education, Hygiene etc. Literacy and Numeracy stimulate the child to acquire the cognitive, physical and social skills needed for higher academic levels while Art& Music can boost the child’s attention and imagination. Thus our Global school curriculum has successfully launched a preschool program   that can maximise the child’s learning through cross-disciplinary learning activities to trigger and sustain his/her curiosity.

The Global Preschool Curriculum is essentially an amalgamation of interesting and relevant data from the State, central and international syllabi. We have brought out various books and worksheets corresponding to different age groups, based on the curriculum. This prepares the child for primary education under any of the above mentioned curricula.

Kinderdale International Preschool

“Children are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded”

Kinderdale International Pre-school has been in the field of education since the year 2000 imparting quality pre-school education with international standards. We understand that meaningful education becomes possible only when all the aspects and impacts of education are taken into account.  The future of education must be “Education” first.  We further recognize that   our “Assertion” should be on a value based quality education that would equip the children to be exemplary citizens of the world itself.

We are proud to say that we are an IAO accredited institution, which assures the quality of our services and speaks for our globally competitive standards. The Preschool Program offered by Kinderdale  is a unique product  based on our  well –researched  Global preschool Curriculum.   We are proud of our vast experience in the field of early childhood education which entitles us to go forward and march ahead with uncompromising values and ethics